Why lease medical equipment with Byrne

How it Works

Simplified Process

  • Fast approval process
  • No payment until delivery of equipment
  • Monthly invoicing

A 100% Solution

  • Banks require a 20% down payment and will therefore only finance 80% of your equipment value.
  • Suppliers will only extend you limited payment terms increasing your time and cash flow pressure for full payment of the equipment.

That is not the Byrne Medical way of giving you access to medical equipment. We buy it for you and rent it out to you; no down payment plus flexible rental options.

Supplier Independent

We pride ourselves on being supplier and brand independent, which allows us to offer the widest possible selection of medical equipment, providing the supplier is an officially registered agent with the Ministry of Health (MoH).

Typical medical equipment we lease includes:

  • Radiology equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • Dermatology /aesthetic equipment
  • Ophthalmology equipment
  • Physiotherapy equipment
  • Operating theatre equipment
CT scanner

Why Byrne?

  • Purchasing power assures competitive pricing
  • Supplier independent
  • Can package numerous suppliers’ equipment in one transaction
  • Help choosing the best equipment for your requirements
  • Medical equipment market know-how

Easy Application Process

Our application is a short two page form. Simply contact us to get started.

+971 4388 1045