Benefits of leasing

Benefits of Medical Equipment Leasing

Medical equipment leasing is commonplace in the healthcare sector where the need to have the most modern, functional and technologically advanced equipment to support patients is paramount to the success of the hospital or clinic.

No Upfront Investment Required

When leasing from Byrne Medical, you receive the equipment immediately and your funds can be used for other purposes. Whether you’re running a multi-department hospital or small specialist clinic, our payment options allow you to get the equipment you need now and delay payment until later.

Low Monthly Payments

Leasing normally costs less than paying cash, renting or acquiring debt through other means.

Medical Equipment Management

There are no technology obsolescence or equipment longevity issues when you lease medical equipment, and no maintenance issues.

No CapEx – Off-Balance Sheet (OBS) Assets

Operating leases and rentals are paid from your operating budget and costs do not appear on the balance sheet as a capital expenditure. This frees up capital and improves the financial status of your hospital or clinic.

Simple Process

There is less documentation than with other loans. Our agreements are only a few pages and can be processed quickly.

If you don’t have capital budget available to purchase new medical equipment, but can commit to a low monthly payment term of 3-5 years, there’s no need to wait. Byrne Medical offers a simple operating lease to suit all budget requirements and it’s easy to set up. 

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